Waterproofing your commercial building is vital in order to protect not only the building, but also what’s inside, from water damage. While there are several different waterproofing products and systems on the marketplace, an exterior drainage system is extremely effective for water protection. Once installed, our Georgia and Atlanta exterior foundation drainage systems works around the clock to keep all water away from your building.

At AquaGuard Foundation Solutions, we’ve been installing exterior drainage systems for happy customers for over 23 years. You can count on us to install a system without disrupting the area around your building. With every Atlanta exterior foundation drainage project, we make sure to clean up our materials and leave it looking just as good as it did before we arrived.

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Benefits of Exterior Drainage Systems

When it rains, you’ll be glad you have an exterior drainage system installed. It is essentially a perforated pipe that is installed along the perimeter of your foundation and captures any water to funnel it outside and away from your foundation. It guarantees constant protection from any threat of water damage.

We offer several different types of exterior drainage systems and exterior French drains available in Atlanta and Georgia for commercial buildings. Depending on your building’s situation, we are happy to provide the best possible recommendation to keep it protected from water damage. To get your free inspection for our Atlanta exterior foundation drainage systems, give us a call today!