The sill plate is the piece of wood that is closest to the ground on your foundation and works with your floor joist and rim joist to support the foundation. Over time, the sill plate can start to deteriorate if exposed to too much moisture and can start to show rot or decay. Depending on the situation, it may need to be either repaired or completely replaced.

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Sill Plate Repair

The sill plate plays a big role in the framing of the floor, so it must be sturdy and supportive enough to support the rest of the framing materials for your foundation. If only a small portion of the sill plate is damaged, it may not be necessary for a complete replacement and may be fixed with a simple repair. In this case, our team will remove the damaged portion of the sill plate and replace it with a new, strong piece. If the sill plate is damaged in several areas, it may be necessary for a complete replacement to avoid further damage with your building’s foundation.

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