The rim joist works together with the sill plate to provide structural support for your building’s foundation. It is the final joist that is placed at the end of the row of joists to support the floor, so it must be strong and sturdy to help support your building’s foundation. Occasionally, these rim joists may start to deteriorate over time and may need to be either repaired or replaced. At AquaGuard Foundation Solutions, our expert team has years of experience fixing and replacing rim joists to restore the structural stability of commercial buildings.

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Repairing Rim Joists

Rim joists are a vital piece of your building’s structural stability. If they are rotten or weakened from any moisture damage over time, your buildings structural support could be compromised. Fortunately, if only a small section of the rim joist is damaged it can be fixed with a simple repair. In this case, we would knock out the damaged piece and replace it with a new piece. In other cases, we’ve seen damage throughout the entire rim joist and needed to perform a complete replacement.

No matter what state your building’s rim joists may be in, trust in the experts at AquaGuard. We’re happy to provide a free inspection to let you know exactly what needs to be done. Contact us today!