Foundation issues can present many different symptoms. One of the more common symptoms for commercial buildings in Atlanta: sinking floors. As the soil in the ground underneath your foundation starts to shift, it becomes less supportive to the weight of your foundation and causes it to sink. As a result, you may notice sinking floors inside your building.

At AquaGuard, we’ve been helping customers fix their sinking floors for over 23 years. If you start to notice sinking floors in your building, contact our team right away. We service areas in Georgia including Marietta, Atlanta, Decatur, Alpharetta, & many surrounding areas.

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Sinking Floors and Other Issues

Unfortunately, a sinking floor is rarely the only issue. If your floors are sinking it can also lead to wall cracks, sticking doors and windows, or other structural issues for your building in Atlanta. Sinking floors can be caused by weakened floor joists that have either undergone water damage or were shifted from settling soils. Once the floor is sunken in, the walls no longer have adequate support and start to crack, and the doors and windows in your building start to “stick” from the shift.

If you start to notice sinking floors or any other associated signs of foundation issues, call the experts at AquaGuard today!